Alpine Americas is a mountaineer’s tour of the 10,000-mile range of peaks from the Arctic to Patagonia through the lens of renowned outdoor photographer Olaf Sööt and in the words of writer and climber Don Mellor.

The western edge of the Western Hemisphere is a nearly continuous lineup of mountains, one of the longest features on the planet. From the treeless slopes of Alaska’s Brooks Range, down through McKinley National Park, across the sun-bleached sandstone of the American deserts, and on into South America’s magnificent Andes and lonely Tierra del Fuego, the book covers it all.

Alpine Americas is more than stunning, action-packed mountain photography. Alongside is an elegant text that explores the places from all perspectives — geologic, historical, philosophical — as it takes readers up the cold wind-swept ridges of Denali or down into the caldron of a smoking Mexican volcano.

Each mountain grouping is a different chapter, and each chapter focuses on a single element of what the place means to us. In the Brooks Range, it’s all about tranquility and the reassurance of seasonal patterns. The Canadian Rockies is where the rock shows its character through the snow and where climbers have built a saga more than a century old. Way to the south, in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, it’s the chaos and conflict of the natural elements — angry winds and big weather — as the jagged landscape thrusts upward from the cold salt sea.

Most of us never get the chance to feel for ourselves the crunch of crampon points on a glacier or revel in the welcome warmth of a morning sunburst over a rock ridge after a shivering bivouac. But all of us are adventurers at heart, whether we trek for ourselves to the base of the big mountains or simply enjoy them from afar. With Don Mellor’s inspirational words and Olaf Sööt’s magical photographs, Alpine Americas is a celebration of the western world’s majestic high places.

Don Mellor

 Hardcover, 12.” x 13.3” landscape: 256 pages; 254 images, including 15 double page spreads. Price $50.00 plus shipping and handling.


In this insightful exploration of the mountain spine of the Americas stunning interpretations of familiar ranges and tempting images of remote peaks will bring out the explorer in all of us.

Jim Donini, President, American Alpine Club

Alpine Americas captures the grand mountainous sweep of our twinned continents like nothing else in print. The photography, the language, and the layout of this book are nearly as beautiful as the peaks spanning from the Brooks Range to Tierra del Fuego.

John Harlin III, Editor, American Alpine Journal

In Olaf Sööt’s stunning images throughout Alpine Americas, we see mountains that stretch from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego as never before. His eye — and his camera’s — take us to places of unsurpassed beauty. Whether you are an arm-chair climber or planning an expedition, this book — illuminated by Don Mellor’s engaging text — will be an invaluable resource.

Jim Wickwire, Alpinist, co-author of Addicted to Danger