Adirondacks Alive is an extraordinary look at a mountain wilderness through the lens of one of the country’s outstanding mountain photographers and in the words of the region’s pre-eminent climbing author.

Photographer Olaf Sööt and writer Don Mellor have teamed up to guide a journey into one of the world’s great places, the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Adirondack Park is a testament to the foresight of New Yorkers over one-hundred years ago, who set aside from development a park of over 6,000,000 acres, a regional gem within a half day’s drive for millions of Northeastern residents.

Adirondacks Alive is an adventure, not just a gallery. Instead of simply depicting the mountains from afar, the book takes us right into the scenes to feel for ourselves the cold winter wind against bare skin on the exposed summit of Mount Marcy, to dangle a thousand feet above the valley floor on a rock climb up Wallface, to touch with our own hands the bare rock stripped of its forest in the catastrophic landslides on Gothics and Giant Mountain. Olaf’s brilliant photographs and Don’s elegant essays make real to our senses the smells of a forest rebuilding and the sound of water as it trickles from a high mountain pond and grows into the mighty Hudson River. Along the way, Adirondacks Alive tells of history and geology and the marvelous interplay between the natural world and its human residents.

Adirondacks Alive illustrates and it teaches. It celebrates the preservation of the six-million acre Adirondack Park, and it inspires visitors to stop and wonder, to immerse themselves so fully in the physical landscape that they come out at the other end of the trip enlightened and charged with a renewed sense of stewardship.

Come along and join Olaf Sööt and Don Mellor for an adventure in the wild and high places of the Adirondacks.

Hardcover, 12.6” x 9.5” portrait:  176 pages; 120 full color photos; price $35.00 plus handling and shipping.

Don Mellor


Phenomenal! An extraordinary book with beautiful, well written text and extraordinary and unique images. I think of Time and the River Flowing, Francois Leydet’s classic on the Grand Canyon, which I thought was the best I had seen until Olaf’s and Don’s came along.

Phil Erard, Chairman, American Alpine Club, NY Section

Many, many congratulations on a capital piece of work! These images and these words are absolutely irresistible!

Bill McKibben, Author of Wandering Home

I have tremendously enjoyed Olaf Sööt’s photography and I cannot wait to get a copy of this new book.

Bradford Washburn, Honorary Director of Boston Museum of Science, author, photographer, explorer, alpinist

The Adirondack Mountains are one of the most uniquely American places on earth. Since its legendary Revolutionary war battles to its famous Adirondack camps this expanse has been a setting for Americana. This region is old yet very familiar; like a member of your family that you have always felt comfortable around.

Don Mellor’s deep, clear voice leads the listener along the shadowy forest trails and through the clear tributaries of this ancient land. Is it possible to capture all the drama of an Adirondack safari in the pages of a book? Olaf Sööt uses his expertise and knowledge of this region to provide an awe-inspiring collection of color images that almost leap off the page. Adirondacks Alive covers such a breadth of subject matter that there is something for everyone.

Richard Wiese, President, The Explorers Club